Citizen Journalism in the Produser Age of Media

As mentioned on this blog previously, technological advancements have paved the way for new ways to communicate. This includes how we are being sent information, and the ways in which we use, consume and create information. Continue reading “Citizen Journalism in the Produser Age of Media”


iOS vs. Android: Components of Philosophies

The battle between iOS and Android doesn’t just relate to the arguments between which companies offer better products. It is also important to consider the differing philosophies between organisations and how this directly influences the product offerings and the overall company landscape. Continue reading “iOS vs. Android: Components of Philosophies”

Source Effect DA: ‘I Like’ Series

Other projects this post is relevant for: YouTube channels, data driven campaigns on other platforms.

For the first installment of my digital artefact series where I provide sourceable and effective solutions for other projects, I am assisting Eric Bunquin with his ‘I like’ series on YouTube. Continue reading “Source Effect DA: ‘I Like’ Series”

Digital Ethnography

Moore (2018) defines ‘Digital’ as something that is dialogical, always in motion, connected to processes such as electronics, changeable and easy to overwrite. Digital ethnography is a way of researching the experience of reality transformed, or mediated by the digital through “theory and empirical observation” (Moore 2018). Continue reading “Digital Ethnography”

The Attention Economy And Digital Marketing

The attention economy refers to the paradigm shift from legacy media models that rely on providing scarce content, to the age of content aggregators such as Netflix that provide content on demand (Mitew 2017). As such, the business model of content aggregators deems attention as being valuable rather than the specific access to content. Continue reading “The Attention Economy And Digital Marketing”

The Cinema: An Ethnographic View

It is often viewed that the cinema going experience is an overall declining pastime (Seitz 2018). This includes Australia, where cinemas only experienced 85 million admissions in 2017 (Screen Australia 2018).  This seems like a large number and only a small drop from 91 million in 2016, but the peak of Australian cinema admissions was 187 million in 1928 (Screen Australia 2018). Continue reading “The Cinema: An Ethnographic View”