Digital Artifact Ideas

The process of trying to find a suitable idea for my digital artifact project for my BCM112 class has been difficult. I understand that the best way to develop this project is to follow your passions and stick the FEFO (fail early, fail often) principle.

My interpretation of the lessons learned during the first lectures regarding the digital artifact are that if you try too hard to make a project that will get the best marks or that everyone will love, then you are just wasting your time, as your digital artifact should be something you make for yourself, not only because the creation of the digital artifact can lead to bigger and better things (as shown by the projects made by past students who have gone off on successful endeavors due to their digital artifacts) but also because the project will be more full of a personal touch and will show the true passion within the work.

Moving on from this, the initial thought I had for my digital artifact was to follow some of my passions and try to combine that with the digital media talent I know I could use successfully, this led me to think that I should try to combine my love of sports and the media on platforms such as YouTube. However more recently I’ve been leaning towards exploring my interest of businesses and their ongoing use of social media and digital technologies, including the use of big data for marketing purposes and emerging technologies for operational processes, I think I will follow this idea and create a YouTube video explaining the purposes of businesses using digital media for my digital artifact project. I look forward to getting started and pitching my idea to fellow classmates.

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