The medium is the message and politics?

My digital remediation for the topic of “the medium is the message“, a phrase famously said by Marshall McLuhan in 1964, discusses two specific views I have on the topic:

  1. The medium is always the message.
  2. The theory of “the medium is the message” is very reputable within politics

1: I am a firm believer that the way you communicate is more important than what you communicate (which I also feel is an easy way to explain to someone what the hell “the medium is the message” means).

2: My opinion on politics is that people often gauge their knowledge based on what they hear in mainstream media, rather than conducting their own research and forming their own opinion. In regards to the medium is the message, I confidently believe that politicians make themselves more powerful based on the mediums they use to communicate rather than the policies they preach.

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9 thoughts on “The medium is the message and politics?

  1. I think this is such a good blog post, your second point about politicians is really clever, I have never thought about it like that and it is so true about people not looking into their own sources. I really like how concise you were in this blog, it was short and sweet, which made it easy to understand and enjoyable to read.
    So great job! Really good understanding of the topic, though I think it would have been interesting to see which mediums you personally think convey the most power for politics.

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    1. Hey Amanda, thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate the constructive comments you made. In my opinion the medium of television is still the most powerful in regards to politicians, however I am confident that the current emergence of social media politics will overtake television as the most powerful tool for politicians in the years to come. For example, I believe Trumps constant use of twitter during his campaign was crucial to his win.

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  2. Great post, especially love the meme. My only suggestion would be to consider using more examples to beef out or ‘prove’ your points. I know your not aiming to write an essay and that’s great but direct examples to other sources can make your argument stronger.

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  3. I completely agree with your point that the way we communicate is more important than the information itself, that’s extremely prevalent with the power of social media and its collective ability gauge a large audience. My suggestion is to give more examples and really push your point in your examples. Like with your example of politicians, maybe give an example of trumps use of social media and the medium being the reason behind the success. Overall a fantastic blog and a great insight of how the medium is utilized today in politics

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    1. Thanks for your comment Leon. I will definitely take your advice into account during my next post. I’m glad that even though I didn’t mention specific examples of politicians and their use of social media, possible examples such as Trump came to your mind while reading my post and viewing my remediation, which is something I really wanted to achieve with this post, allowing further interpretations of the topic.


  4. This is one of my favourite blogs on “The Medium is the Message’, the way you brought the politics into it really wrapped up your point well. I definitely agree on your statement on how society follow others and don’t make their own individual opinion. I personally try to stay away from that and stick to my own beliefs and motives. I would also like to back up your point on how some Politicians are more successful compared to others solely based on the medium in which they use to promote themselves and highlight issues.
    Thanks for sharing Alex!!

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