Digital Artifact: “Why your business should use social media” The YouTube series, Episode 1 – Memes

Episode 1 – Memes is now live on YouTube!

The concept of my digital artifact is a YouTube series titled ‘Why your business should use social media’, the series is in an episode format uploaded weekly and each episode will be between 2-5 minutes in length. Each episode covers a different reason businesses should use social media, e.g. “Episode 1 – Memes”.

The format of my videos is my voice over text, and I aim to include real world evidence in each episode to back up the points I make on each topic. I also intend to be different in my series, as videos with my concept are already uploaded to YouTube, however I feel that they are all very repetitive of each other and the ideas I intend to convey in each video are so differrent from the other videos of their kind.

The step by step process for making each episode:

  • Write script.
  • Record voiceover with mic.
  • Record any on camera appearances with GoPro.
  • Create text and place images using Photoshop.
  • Import everything to Sony Vegas and create video.
  • Upload to YouTube, distribute via Twitter and WordPress.

The social utility for my project is that it creates a source of information on a generally unknown topic, especially if knowledge from University subjects are incorporated (i.e. the power of memes, the medium is the message), and potential or current business operators may find the information useful for their business activities, as well as allowing for a source that is different from the others of its kind (the inclusion of real world evidence and examples). A bonus utility is that this project also expands my online content portfolio to show future employers and it allows me to gain further knowledge of the topics I am creating videos on.

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