Why Your Business Should Use Social Media – Episode 2: Niche Businesses

Episode 2 – Niche Businesses is now live on YouTube!

In this episode, I’m going to explain to you how social media can strongly benefit niche businesses due to their different characteristics from other business types.

A niche business is any business that targets a specific (Niche) Market, niche business often fill the holes of the business world and offer a narrow range of products or services that are often uncommon for potential buyers to find.

How can social media help a niche business?

Well, some niche businesses are often purely based online due to their product or service range, meaning that these businesses don’t operate with a physical shop front, this can make customer relations, advertising and overall product sales difficult. However, the implementation of an effective social media presence can allow for vast improvements in these areas.

The use of social media platforms can enable potential customers a greater access to the businesses products and make them overall easier to find, this improved network of connectivity with the niche businesses target market will enable for overall improvement in sales and increase competitive advantage, plus It includes the possibility of free advertising!

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