What Game is That?

My piece is inspired by the work of Aditya Aryanto who used the process of abstraction to turn animal bodies into a cubic shape, this was done by photoshopping existing photographs of animals and the initial thought I had when viewing the outcome was “this is real life Minecraft”. As a result of this, my plan was to take this idea further and implement video games into a real-life setting, this was accomplished by photographing real life subjects whose actions resemble video game like mechanics and movements, rather than using literal elements. For example, the photo that resembles a first-person shooter game uses a stick in place of a gun to attest that the mechanics are more important than objects in this project.

As discussed by Deleflie (2017), minimalist and simplistic art can often be more interesting than complex works as they can stimulate the viewers mind about what the artworks actually are as opposed to having the premise given away instantly. I followed this approach in my project as I wanted viewers to see the images and think to themselves “where have I seen this before?” and hopefully noticing familiar video game aspects and then wondering, “what game is that?”




Aryanto, A 2017, ‘I Changed The Shapes Of Animals Into Cubes, And Now They Look Straight Out Of Minecraft’, boredpanda, weblog post, n.d. viewed 18 October 2017, <https://www.boredpanda.com/i-made-animal-cube/>.

Deleflie, E 2017, MEDA102 Workshop Notes, UOW medadada, <http://medadada.net/category/meda102-2017/meda102-2017-workshop-notes/&gt>.

Header image source

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