Dice Island: Game Mechanics

Following on from last weeks blog post about Dice Island’s game narrative, this post will focus on the mechanics and rules of our card based board game Dice Island.  After discussions in the week 4 BCM300 seminar by Richard Hall using notes from Christopher Moore, myself and fellow peers were able to establish that our games main theme is economic simulation.

The reasoning behind this will become clear as the games rules are explained, however it is important to remember from last weeks blog post that game narrative and game mechanics go hand in hand during the development of a board game. For example, a secondary theme of Dice Island is island survival, which was derived strictly from our game narrative, whereas our rules and mechanics formulate the economic situation theme of our game.

Other economic simulation board games Puerto Rico, Power Grid and Monopoly

During play of Dice Island, participants take turns and subsequently perform actions during those turns. Players begin by rolling a dice and hope to land on a number which corresponds to the same number on a card the player owns. The cards in the game allow the player to gain resources, attack other players and steal their resources, as well as to build the escape raft to win the game.

The table below will detail the categories of cards in the game and give a brief of their uses and effects to better understand how to play the game:

dice island card chart.jpg

The first player to acquire all four raft pieces wins the game. My favorite aspect of Dice Island is how tactics can be brought into play. Participants can decide how they want to play the game, for example a player could win the game by only rolling 1s, 2s or 3s and build up their wood and cloth just to purchase the raft pieces, or players might like to spend their resources on acquiring the advanced cards to sabotage other players or to gain resources faster. The reasoning behind why our theme is economic situation is because our aspect of economy in Dice Island is the resources the players are gathering and spending.

Our game is heavily inspired by another economic simulation board game Machi Koro, which I have written about here.

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