The YouTube Somnolence Phenomenon

As an introduction into BCM241 – Media Ethnographies, I have decided to look at certain situations where I have used particular media and really reflect on why. Upon reading the work of my peers, a common trend is to look at the more prominent social medias of our generation such as Snapchat and Instagram. And while I do find it interesting to think about specific scenarios and why I have used these platforms during that time (such as why I Snapchat live concerts but never use the app any other time), I have ultimately decided to focus my attention on another regular life occurrence.

YouTube is up there with my most used platforms, I spend hours watching videos and definitely use the site more than Netflix. The idea of watching my favorite content creators and their new uploads, or even setting off on one of those unknown paths to the weird side of YouTube, is just comforting.

This sums it up pretty perfectly.

YouTube has also become apart of a pretty significant ritual I follow every other night. Unless I am absolutely exhausted, it seems the only way I can successfully fall asleep is by putting on some YouTube videos. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even need to watch them to fall asleep, the soothing audio coming out of my iPad (only Apple product I’ll ever own) is all I need. Upon thinking about this deeper it’s really interesting to think about why technology has found itself embedded into my sleeping pattern, and how my perspective on watching YouTube in bed is now completely different from someone else who shares this pastime.

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