Innovation And The Changing Nature of Communication

With technology advancements bringing forward so many new and improved ways to communicate, it makes sense that the worlds perception of communication changes too. When the process become quicker and more efficient, it’s likely that users will forget about whatever they did before that wasn’t as effective.

meme 1

The entire topic has had me thinking about the recent ‘Everyone Matters‘ ad campaign by Australia Post. After being exposed to so many discussions about innovative business models crushing the oldies (sorry blockbuster), I find it hard to see this campaign as anything more than AusPost holding on for dear life.

I don’t know anybody outside of my grandmother who would still write a letter and send it to someone in the mail i.e. “sending the physical meta from one location to another” (Mitew 2017). In regards to network topology, I believe that as more people become familiar and comfortable with distributed networks that we often find on the internet, our generation will completely phase out old methods of communication just like our ancestors did before us.

As such, I feel that companies such as Australia Post will dissolve. In the video above, they find themselves targeting rural communities with this campaign, places that aren’t usually early adopters of new technology and are commonly filled with the older generation. This audience will keep using the service.

Also I know Australia Post doesn’t just send letters. Packages and other amenities the company offers may keep it around for quite a while, but companies like Amazon are coming up with innovative ideas that may kill that side of the business as well.

Reference list:

Mitew, T 2017, ‘A Global Nervous System: From the telegraph to cyberspace’, Prezi, 21 July, viewed 2 August 2018, <>.

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10 thoughts on “Innovation And The Changing Nature of Communication

  1. Out with the old in with the new. That is a really good way of explaining the evolution of communicating. Communication has changed so much and there are good and bad things that have come from that; we can talk with friends and family for the other side of the world, country or city all without having to leave our homes. But the advancements have also caused the ease of distributing propaganda, cyber-bulling and other negative impacts. As they say however you can’t have the good with out the bad.

    The links you added are also really good and provide additional background to backup your blogs discussion topic (I need to remember to add links in my posts). They were really interesting, I would suggest maybe that you try to avoid linking wiki sites, but that’s up to you.

    I think you are right that new technologies are eliminating old forms of networking, etc. but I also think that there are some that will never die out, they may change but there base will remain the same.

    Your blogs layout was easy to read and understand and the inclusion of the picture and video fit in really well and helped to break up the blog so it wasn’t just all words.

    Good job. I hope that all makes sense!

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    1. Out with the old in with the new definitely sums it up! You are right though when you say that both good and bad things can come from this, I didn’t really think of the cyber bullying or propaganda side of it so that’s good insight.

      I usually wouldn’t link a wiki site but for that specific link there were no other pages that offered up as much information. Thank you for your feedback overall! 🙂

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  2. Your use of hyperlinks were very effective in explaining your discussion and allowed me to really delve deeper into the topic. I agree with your opinion in terms of Australia Post dying out, but not for a long time as they still deliver packages, and these services are used quite frequently especially by my parents. Communication will always continue to change however a communication revolution does not happen overnight, as you’ve explained. Good use of video with a strong remediation and hyperlinks, very effective blog post!

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  3. I agree with your point that ‘Everyone Matters’ seems like a last ditch effort to save Aus Post. Truth be told, I don’t think anyone living in an urban environment visits a post office anymore, other than to collect their online order package that was delivered when they weren’t home. Furthermore, your example eloquently shows that new waves of communication always takes its time to trickle down, like the rural communities the Aus Post campaign is targeting.

    In 2014 it was reported that Aus Post is will lose approx. $12.1bn in its letter division, which suggests that Aus Post is dying out. Heres the link to the article:

    Good job Alex, your blog provided great insight into the decline into what was traditional communication.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Abby! That article would’ve been helpful for this post so thank you for sending it, that was 4 years ago so I wonder how much that projected loss has increased due to the more recent developments that will likely see certain AusPost services on their way out.


  4. I really enjoyed how you incorporated the visual elements of the meme and youtube video to further explain and back your information. You applied several hyperlinks which was great because it allows readers to expand their knowledge if they choose to. Adding your own perspective on the topic is a great aspect and I definitely agree about the popularity of writing letters decreasing as my own grandparents have transitioned into texting, facetiming and all that.

    Your blog is relatively easy to navigate although it would be much easier if the subjects were added somewhere on the top of the screen where your ‘home’, ‘about’ and ‘contact’ buttons are. Apart from that I really enjoy how you’ve made your blog much more like a portfolio of your work instead of ‘just another uni blog’.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Georgie, I’m glad you found the post interesting and different from the other posts about this topic. I agree with your feedback regarding my blog, I will be changing the location of the categories so thank you for your suggestion.


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