iOS vs. Android: Components of Philosophies

The battle between iOS and Android doesn’t just relate to the arguments between which companies offer better products. It is also important to consider the differing philosophies between organisations and how this directly influences the product offerings and the overall company landscape.

For instance, Steve Jobs (2010) stated that the reason Flash is not allowed in the Apple ecosystem is due the application’s use as a cross platform development tool, it aims to help a range of different platforms and works to integrate them together. Steve Jobs did not want this for Apple, his philosophy was embedded into the company and is a reason why Apple operates under a closed source ideology (Mitew 2017).

This links to the concept of walled gardens which I have mentioned on this blog previously, as Apple enforces direct control over elements such as iOS and the Apple App store. Users are also unable to modify their devices.

Contrasting with this, Google’s Android OS is available under an open source licence. The official Android FAQ’s (n.d.) state that ensuring an open platform was available to make innovative ideas a reality, and preventing a single industry player from controlling these innovations were key motives in releasing Android on an open source basis.

Regarding key global network concepts, open source projects such as Android allow for shorter OODA loops resulting in faster feedback loops. This is due to open source platforms having an abundance of contributors working on the project constantly. In addition, closed source platforms are generally organised as centralised networks, while open source projects have many nodes working together inside a distributed network.

giphy (1).gif

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4 thoughts on “iOS vs. Android: Components of Philosophies

  1. Hi Alex, well done on a really informative blog post. I’m really impressed with the overall layout of your blog, it’s looking very professional! I like how you’ve included plenty of hyperlinks throughout your post to make sure the audience will understand everything you mention, as well as allowing them to do further research on the topic. As a devoted Apple fan, I had never really thought about the closed source control they exercise prior to this week. It really does make me reconsider my choices, as I almost feel trapped in their walled garden! Your remediation provides a great comparison between the two companies – it’s simple but effective! I’m looking forward to browsing through more of your posts!

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  2. I was unaware of Apple’s closed platform system prior to this lecture, I have always been on Apple simply because my Mum chose the same device. And now I am reconsidering this choice. Should I be supporting a company that doesn’t encourage 3rd party developers and marketers? Your simple gif is informative and effective, further emphasising that Apple is most definitely a walled garden. I enjoy the depth of this blog post as you introduce new information and also use hyperlinks to allow readers like myself to investigate further. Great work.

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  3. Aside from watching this video a while ago,, I have never really thought explicitly into the world of Apple and Andriod devices, more specifically their individual and often closed platform systems. I found your blog post for this week really helped solidify my understanding, plus it does make me feel better knowing more about the devices rather than just buying into them / expanding my ecosystem without any idea! Good post, and if you haven’t seen the video definitely check it out!

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  4. Did you hear about the recent Apple controversy regarding repairs as well as the one about false advertising? If not, I really encourage you to check out these Reddit posts as you seem interested in the subject. These are two separate incidents…


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