Social Network Revolutions

The nature of social media allows us to communicate with each other more effectively, this is a basic aspect which is quite commonly known and I have mentioned it on this blog previously.

Aside from messaging friends and family, social media has been used to start uprisings, revolutions and give a voice to those who wouldn’t usually have one. The Arab Spring is an example of the many social  network revolutions that have taken place over the recent years.

This base of this process is connectivity, and the role of social media is mobilization, coordination and dissemination. These are the three key vectors of how the protestors are leveraging the connectivity, and this process is a global distributed network system as many nodes are able to communicate with each other. The system is also widely open source, and deploys short OODA loops which lead to fast feedback loops (Mitew 2017).


Reference list:

Mitew, T 2017, ‘#mena #arabspring the social network revolutions’, Prezi, 23 August, viewed 22 September 2018, <>.

Header Image Source: RawPixel


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