Future Cultures Live Tweeting: The Experience – Part 1

This post will provide a critical self reflection of my live tweeting ability during the movie screenings in BCM325 – Future Cultures, and the levels of engagement I obtained. Despite being new to live tweeting, I felt confident and natural during the process and saw myself improving every week.

Most of the engagement on my original tweets came from discussion about the film and its ideas about the future. I believe these tweets do well because a key component of the BCM325 sessions is to continuously unpack future cultures tropes from these films. Students have this on their mind and are more likely to interact and engage with other tweets of this nature.

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In addition to these tweets getting high engagement through likes and retweets, they also generate more in depth discussion about these topics as replies to the tweet. These reply tweets often don’t get as many likes or retweets as the original tweet, but having a back and forth conversation with another person about the topic is still high engagement in my opinion. This is due to the multiple ideas and viewpoints that are shared about the topic, providing a valuable resource for future reference. These engagements can also evolve into conversing about other sub-topics. I consider a tweet that has a long thread of discussion a successful one.

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Other original tweets that gathered high engagement were comments about the film that were funny and relatable, based on popular culture  or current trends. I believe these tweets did well because they not only attracted the fellow viewers who were engaging with the future cultures material in the films, but also students who were just live tweeting along with the film for enjoyment rather than in depth discussion.

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Other original tweets that surprisingly received high engagement were my sign off tweets to end each session. I believe this was due to not many others doing this, in addition to my reflections on the films themes during the conclusion.

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During the sessions I also live tweeted additional sources about the films and other future cultures topics, which received mixed levels of engagement. For instance, online articles seemed to do well, while posts I shared from Reddit received little to no engagement. This is possibly caused by the inexperience many students have with using Reddit. Posting additional sources is something I need to work on and do more often in the next round of live tweeting sessions. I often get caught up in the film or Twitter and forget to search for extra information.

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Finally, I also engage in the tweets of other viewers through replies, retweets and likes. This is something else I need to improve on as I often only see the tweets from the people I follow or the most prominent tweets being shared by the people I follow. I tend to forget about clicking on the BCM325 hashtag and viewing all the most recent tweets as they come in.

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