Project Pitch Reviews: Future Cultures

When engaging with projects and providing feedback on their direction, I have developed a methodology that I use consistently. Below is a critical self reflection of comments I have made on three project pitches in BCM325 – Future Cultures.

Pitch 1: Trang Bui – Holography and Lecture Attendance


Trang’s digital artefact (DA) for BCM325 is exploring how technology can maximise the learning experience of university students. The project is particularly looking into how hologram technology might be used to allow students from multiple campuses the ability to attend lectures together despite physical and spatial constraints. Trang is going to conduct primary and secondary research on the topic and develop a demo hologram video.

I am quite confident when delivering feedback via blog comments, however there are still improvements I can make such as being more succinct. In particular, I feel like I made this comment too long, which I took into account when writing my other comments. Regarding my feedback itself, I first gave an analysis on Trang’s blog and pitch before moving onto the digital artefact. Providing feedback on the blog design isn’t necessary, but I feel it is important to present these academic projects professionally, as our blog acts as a portfolio for future employers.

The DA feedback I provided began with a conversation on the topic, as I feel it is difficult to provide feedback without engaging with the topic myself. I did this by discussing my viewpoint and providing further research on the topic.

Pitch 2: Naomi Nguyen – The Future of Insects as a Food Source


Naomi’s DA focuses on the idea that insects may be used as a form of food in western society over the next 30 years. The project will include a literature review in the form of a podcast, and a video detailing a potential global food crisis and how insects play their part. Naomi will also be undertaking primary and secondary research to support the project.

I believe this comment was an appropriate length compared to my first attempt, and again, I provided feedback on overall blog design and practice to assist with professional presentation. Regarding the specific DA feedback, I gave suggestions about what steps to take in preparation for the project beta and an overall discussion of the topic. I could’ve provided better sources to aid Naomi’s project, as I didn’t have anything to offer in terms of other ideas. The main research I provided was focusing on the platforms used to present the DA, this was mainly drawn from my personal experience with social media and marketing. In future comments I will aim to research the specific topics in more detail to provide additional ideas.

Pitch 3: Jiafeng Guo – The Future of Interpretation


Jiafeng’s DA looks the past, present and future of language interpretation. The pitch provided contextual information such as Chinese Buddhist scriptural translation, and the famous Nuremberg Trial.

This comment demonstrates my ability to provide feedback on a project that lacks direction, which I feel I can do competently. The pitch doesn’t include key aspects such as concept, methodology and social utility, so it was rather difficult to provide feedback on the idea itself. I tackled this issue by engaging in discussion about the topic and asking a range of questions that may assist in narrowing the project focus and covering the subject points, while also providing additional resources for inspiration.

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