Peer Review 1: Art Eclectic Digital Marketing & Not so #Goals

This blog post will review two digital artefact projects from BCM302 – Advanced Digital Media Project, that are being completed by two of my peers, Sunny Commandeur and Abby Poposki.

Art Eclectic Digital Marketing
– Sunny Commandeur

Your pitch video and blog post make it easy to understand the concept, methodology and utility of your project. The video is an effective summary with clear voice and great visual aids, while you leveraged the space in your blog well to provide more detailed information, particularly with the methodology section.

I had a look at the Squarespace website for your mum’s shop, the professional design and layout will already be a great help with your search engine optimisations. The only flaw I noticed was the menu bar which doesn’t stay frozen while scrolling the site on a mobile device, so it makes it difficult to access certain pages without scrolling all the way back to the top. It works perfectly on the desktop version though.

Since the site is built in Squarespace, I think it would be useful to utilise the built-in SEO functions of the platform, they’ve written a decent guide on how to best optimise your site features for better search engine visibility. The guide also has a few helpful links at the bottom, such as an SEO checklist which I highly recommend.

You mentioned analytics and I think they’ll be extremely valuable when it comes to increasing eCommerce sales, especially if you’re going to utilise Instagram and Facebook a lot more. As you know, the analytics will help understand your audience better, and your mum’s business reminds me of an Illawarra based gift/art shop called Sketch, so I wonder if Sketch’s clientele will coincide with that of your mum’s store?

Even though Sketch is also a coffee shop, have a look at how they advertise their gift/art wares on Instagram and their specific utilisation of the highlight feature. This could be something you deploy with Art Eclectic.

Whenever it comes to digital marketing, especially SEO, I always recommend browsing subreddits for information, as personal experiences shared by others are great knowledge banks in my opinion. r/Entrepreneur is a great one to start with due to the nature of your mum’s business, there’s tonnes of success stories that indicate how much money these individuals make per month with their online store and how they do it. There’s also a good amount of digital marketing and SEO subreddits to tap into as well.

Overall, the concept of helping your mum’s online store is clear, and based on my experience I believe your chosen methodologies will achieve this goal. This project also has great utility as you’re contributing to your own professional portfolio while also helping a business that’s close to you grow.

I look forward to see your project develop further throughout the semester!

Not so #Goals – Abby Poposki

I tend to struggle with recording pitch videos without using Powerpoint slides and my voice as an overlay, so I thought you did a great job at communicating your concept without many visual aids, and the ones that you did use were great at showing specific examples of what you were referring to. The only thing I noticed in relation to your pitch quality was that the audio was a bit quiet, but manageable!

The reason I chose to review your project is that I see a number of crossovers with my digital artefact. A key component of my project is the persona framework in relation to video game communities on social media, specifically expert personas. You mentioned that the concept of your project is to create an influencer parody account on Instagram, and I think the idea of influencer and expert personas coincide!

As a result, I’d like to point you in the direction of a few resources on persona, many of which are written by our very own Dr. Chris Moore. I’ve compiled a Google Doc with links to the sources that I’m also using for my own digital artefact, and my potential Honours project on persona for next year. The sources break down persona into many different categories, such as online persona, professional persona and gaming persona.

I’d also highly recommend tapping into subreddits for information that will assist with your methodology. I think that reading success stories from actual influencers will help in discovering the best practices to achieve your goals, a quick Google search on “Instagram influencer success stories reddit” displayed great results, and it seems r/Entrepreneur, r/socialmedia and r/marketing are popular destinations for discussion about Instagram influencers.

I also think this project has great utility, as you mentioned that many influencers are using Instagram as a business, so having a personal case study will be great for your own portfolio and as a general resource on influencers. However, one of the thoughts I have is why create the persona as a parody account instead of actually crafting an influencer persona? they both achieve your social utility, but if you genuinely like the type of content that existing influencers make, then I’d highly recommend shifting the project frame from parody account to influencer account.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small audience to begin with, you can “fake it ’til you make it” if you will, which is what I’m doing with my gaming digital artefact. The content I create is very similar to that of the existing experts in my community and despite having a smaller audience, I still act like I’m an expert too. I didn’t expect my content to do particularly well on Instagram either, but one of the tactics I’m finding effective is tagging many accounts who create similar content in my photos.

In addition, I follow a range of similar accounts and like all of their content. I also comment on every photo (most of the time it’s a simple compliment or an emoji), and more often than not they’ll like my comment and occasionally reply/follow. I believe this strategy works well because your account stands out to both the content creator and their own audience when you comment on a post. I’d highly recommend trying it out, the time/effort commitment is quite low for an organic growth strategy, and it feels like a worthwhile grind every time I’ve tried it.

I look forward to keeping up with your progress over the coming weeks!



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