BCM302 Digital Artefact Beta – MastroFUT

The digital artefact that I have been completing for BCM302 – Advanced Digital Media Project is a FIFA Instagram and Twitter account called MastroFUT.

As outlined in my initial project pitch, the original idea was an online gaming persona called ‘MastroGaming’, where I would be creating video game content for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and Reddit. While mainly focusing on FIFA, I also wanted to create content about other games, thus calling myself MastroGaming instead of a FIFA centric name. My aim was to develop an expert persona in the online FIFA communities by focusing my content on guides and tips, such as recording gameplay and explaining tactics or giving gameplay tutorials.

I also received feedback on my initial project pitch, which focused on the observation that I could have difficulty producing content consistently, and engaging with an audience. As a result of this feedback, and my experience with creating video content and not enjoying the process, I decided to shift my project focus to Instagram and only create FIFA content. I also then changed my name to MastroFUT, which means Mastro FIFA Ultimate Team.

My Instagram account has grown from around 50 followers, to nearly 300 followers after dedicating two weeks to the account, and posting each day. Similarly, my Twitter account has grown from less than 30 followers, to close to 300 as well. My posts focus on visually appealing content for the new iteration of the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. I create player edits, squad guides, and investment tips in the form of infographics, giving in depth explanations in the post descriptions.

The biggest development in my project was the partnership with other large FIFA accounts. Firstly, TheFutAssistant, an account with 2700 followers, messaged me with the proposition of taking one of my ideas and turning it into a series collaboration with him. And I now create content for him on a regular basis.

beta 1

Another account, AntonFIFA, who has 9600 followers, put up a callout on his Instagram story for editors to contact him for work. I informed him that I could create the content he was looking for, and I now also create regular content for him, and he even includes me in his page description as an editor.

Beta 2

The content I create for anton focuses on FIFA economy guides, and tips on how to make coins, which is the in-game currency. When the game was officially released last week, I noticed my follower count rapidly increase when posting investment guides with Anton, as the posts go up on both our pages. I’ve been able to gather these insights through my Instagram analytics, and also determine that my most popular content are economy guides with Anton, as they make up the posts that are most viewed and most engaged with on my page.

beta 3.png

The next steps for this project are to leverage these insights, and the hype of the new FIFA game to continue creating content focusing on the fifa economy, which still fulfils my initial project aims of creating an expert persona in the fifa community. I’ve begun to experience this through my upward trajectory of followers, and members of my audience asking me for assistance.

beta 4.png

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