Peer Review 2: Art Eclectic Digital Marketing & Not so #Goals

This blog post will review two digital artefact projects (beta versions) from BCM302 – Advanced Digital Media Project, that are being completed by two of my peers, Sunny Commandeur and Abby Poposki.

Art Eclectic Digital Marketing
– Sunny Commandeur

Once again, your beta video and blog post made it really easy to understand your iterations and project developments. I liked the layout of going from Facebook to Instagram, to Pinterest, and then including this in the video as well. Although I reviewed your initial pitch, this beta presentation would’ve included enough information to understand everything about your project, so well done for considering a general audience.

I think it was a good call to move away from working on the website, especially if your actions would be conflicting with your mum and the freelancer. It could’ve had negative effects on the business operations if the site content and optimisation was being controlled by multiple parties with little communication.

Shifting your focus to the social media pages was a good idea as well, especially since you’re using Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (you can get content out quickly on these), and this adheres to the FIST principle. I found this to be one of the most important aspects of my digital artefact experience, as I struggled with making content that took too long, and my page performances suffered as a result.

You mentioned this in relation to Pinterest (which I think is a perfect platform for Art Eclectic, some of the Pinterest starterpacks really remind me of the business and some of its potential clientele), and now that you’ve iterated on the content creation process for the platform, it all seems very similar to what ends up on the Instagram and Facebook pages.

Have you considered using Hootsuite to schedule your posts on the platforms? it was a game-changer for my project, and it allowed me to schedule Instagram posts from my desktop (I share your annoyance on Instagram as a platform). Hootsuite might help you get the content out even quicker, and posting consistently will help with overall growth  (especially on Instagram, my page averaged 100 followers per week when I was posting 1-2 times a day for two weeks). Since Art Eclectic has a Facebook page as well, you can actually set up Hootsuite to publish directly to Instagram.

Keep up the good work! Like you said, generating 8 site visitors through Pinterest doesn’t sound like much, but those are 8 visitors you may not have had without the platform.

Not so #Goals – Abby Poposki

Your beta video was very well made, despite not using many visual aids such as text or PowerPoint slides. You did a great job at communicating what your original idea was, in addition to the developments and iterations your project has undertaken, all while just speaking to the camera; which isn’t easy to do in my opinion, so well done for that.

I have also found it difficult to create content for Instagram on a consistent basis, but I really noticed a difference in my engagement when I would post often (my page averaged 100 followers per week when I was posting 1-2 times a day for two weeks). I think you’ll find good results if you deploy a similar strategy, along with following other accounts and interacting with their content. If you scale this process up and also post more consistently, You should see an increase in likes, comments and followers.

I’d recommend using a scheduling tool to help you get content out quicker, I’ve been using Hootsuite and I’d definitely recommend it. With Instagram though, it doesn’t allow you to directly publish the scheduled content unless you set up a Facebook page with your Instagram business account, so I’d advise making a dummy Facebook page just to make the scheduling easier. You could then spend one day per week creating a bunch of content, and then scheduling it to be posted throughout the week, that way you don’t have to stress about documenting your day everytime you leave the house (unless you want to each time). This is basically what I did to post consistently each day without getting burnt out, a great example of working smarter, not harder.

Overall, your iterations were well thought out and now give you a really clear methodology. If you keep up with curating your profile and engaging with your audience/similar profiles, I’m sure you’ll see your good work pay off!

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