Pokémon GO Autoethnography

For my autoethnographic digital artefact in BCM320 – Digital Asia, I wrote a blog post looking at the research I had undertaken to determine whether the experience playing Pokémon GO is different between countries. Continue reading “Pokémon GO Autoethnography”

Pokémon GO: Here, There, Where?

In a previous post on this blog which can be found here, I discussed Pokémon GO as a phenomenon in 2016 and my personal experience returning to the game in 2019. I have also discussed Pokémon GO in relation to the autoethnographic methodology which can be read here. Continue reading “Pokémon GO: Here, There, Where?”

Urban Farming Autoethnography

The concept of Urban Farming is the growing or producing of food in heavily populated and urbanised areas such as cities and towns (Greensgrow 2019). The idea is to provide cost-effective methods of food growth in densely populated areas while keeping procedures eco-friendly and sustainable. Continue reading “Urban Farming Autoethnography”

Pokémon GO & The Autoethnographic Methodology

In a previous post on this blog, I discussed my personal experience with Pokémon GO, such as my observation of the game’s release in 2016, and my return to playing it in 2019. This post will use the autoethnographic methodology to analyse and understand my communicated personal experiences. Continue reading “Pokémon GO & The Autoethnographic Methodology”