Media Industries & Ownership: Who owns my news sources?

As an 18 year old university student majoring in digital media, it would be a very rare occurrence for me to receive my news from legacy media sources such as newspapers and television. Yeah every once in awhile I may catch the evening news on TV but often I would have already seen the top stories posted on social media, and that’s just the way the world is going, legacy media is slowly dying. Continue reading “Media Industries & Ownership: Who owns my news sources?”

Representation & Interpretations: Their importance in media

Representation and interpretation is a central idea within the formulation of modern media. It is critical for both professionals and audiences to accept that individuals may interpret things differently based on a range of factors, particularly in the field of advertising.

Advertisements are filled with both denotations and connotations. Denotations are the various ‘literal’ aspects of the image, whilst connotations are ideas formed on a variety of influences including already known information, myths or rumors and basic ideology. Critical analysis of advertisements can lead to looking passed the denotations and focus more on the possible connotations of the image. Continue reading “Representation & Interpretations: Their importance in media”

Media Audiences: The data behind our social media usage

As citizens of the 21st century, social media plays a prominent role in our everyday lives, it is a prime communication method we use to engage with friends, colleagues and acquaintances from close to home or on the other side of the world.

Our use of social media and the internet in general offers us limitless possibilities on what we can do online, and with modern day technology, we often think the security of our online presence is impenetrable with the countless passwords and security questions our favourite social media sites force us to link to our account. Continue reading “Media Audiences: The data behind our social media usage”