Research Project Reflection

Similarly to my last blog post where I reflected on my experiences in another BCM subject from this semester, I would like to reflect on my research project and the BCM212 subject overall. My research project was successful overall, It fulfilled its goal of finding out the specific reasons why students were making changes to their university degree, and identifying what particular issues students were having with this process. Continue reading “Research Project Reflection”

Research Project Update

Following the proposal to my BCM212 research project, there have been many developments in getting the project underway. These include designing a survey with fellow BCM student Tegan Sharp, due to our similar projects it was more efficient to create one survey and both distribute it to maximise responses. The survey was communicated via twitter and my particular tweet has gauged over 1500 impressions over the past week resulting in 41 responses to our survey. I hope to gather additional responses over the coming weeks and explore other methods to gain traffic to the survey.

Research Proposal: Why Do University Students Make Changes To Their Degree?

The topic I intend to explore for my BCM212 research project is why university students make changes to their degree. Specifically, I would like to find out whether students generally stick with their degree or make some kind of change and why. I also want to consider the fact that some students may not actually enact the process of making these changes, but just ponder on the idea. Continue reading “Research Proposal: Why Do University Students Make Changes To Their Degree?”