Online Personas: The Internet Never Forgets

In our day and age where our use of social media platforms is extremely prevalent in our everyday lives, we continuously need to be careful and aware of what we’re saying online. A viewpoint can be taken where our real life persona and online persona are different, in the sense that what we say in person might not be necessarily okay to say online, where we basically leave behind a digital footprint of ourselves, anything we post or share with the world via the internet is basically there forever, for everyone to see, and this can be dangerous. Continue reading “Online Personas: The Internet Never Forgets”

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media – Episode 4: Customer Experiences

Episode 4 – Customer Experiences is now live on YouTube!

In this episode I will discuss how you can improve the experiences your customers have through your social media platforms. Be sure to like and comment on the video, and subscribe to my channel. Continue reading “Why Your Business Should Use Social Media – Episode 4: Customer Experiences”

Android & Linux: Open Source but Closed in their own way

Before you read on any further, please be advised that this post is aimed not to be biased towards any brands or products, the stats and specification comparison that are included is purely to educate individuals with additional information they might not be aware of. This posts intention is simply to be an academic piece exploring an interesting concept of human behavior.
Continue reading “Android & Linux: Open Source but Closed in their own way”

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media – Episode 3: Free Analytical Tools

Episode 3 – Free Analytical Tools is now live on YouTube!

In this episode I will be identifying why it is important to use the free analytical tools that come as an advantage to using social media for business purposes. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, liking the video and leaving a comment. Continue reading “Why Your Business Should Use Social Media – Episode 3: Free Analytical Tools”

Star Wars: A Transmedia Story

For the topic of Transmedia, I felt it was effective to use Star Wars as an example when talking about the different aspects of Transmedia. I created a YouTube video explaining what Transmedia is, how it works, and how you can look at Star Wars in order to understand this. I felt it was important to discuss the origin of the concept of Transmedia, and how this concept is implied in the Star Wars Universe. I also discussed how Trasmedia Storytelling can lead to effective collective intelligence networks, as well as how Transmedia helps develop fandoms of a particular story. My video featured quotes from Henry Jenkins, a pioneer in the emergence of Transmedia as a concept, as well as on screen information based on my own knowledge of the topic, and various images and clips from Star Wars to keep viewers engaged. Continue reading “Star Wars: A Transmedia Story”

YouTube’s Reaction Phase: TheFineBros Copyright Disaster

The term ‘react’ and the genre of reaction videos on the internet have been around since the early days of YouTube, the popular channel ‘TheFineBros‘ or ‘The React Channel‘ as it’s now known, were the main pioneers for the use of this video format as a regular YouTube series, however the nature of ‘reacting’ is common in society and it’s use in media is very common, programs such as ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show‘ frequently use a ‘reacting to videos and other kinds of media’ type format. Continue reading “YouTube’s Reaction Phase: TheFineBros Copyright Disaster”

Remix Culture: Media Shifting, Copyright Laws, Distribution

I have recorded a podcast discussing the topic of remix culture, specifically how remix culture has contributed to the shift between the legacy media paradigm and the new produser age of media, the copyright laws surrounding remix culture, and how one can create and distribute their own remix content. Continue reading “Remix Culture: Media Shifting, Copyright Laws, Distribution”

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media – Episode 2: Niche Businesses

Episode 2 – Niche Businesses is now live on YouTube!

In this episode, I’m going to explain to you how social media can strongly benefit niche businesses due to their different characteristics from other business types. Continue reading “Why Your Business Should Use Social Media – Episode 2: Niche Businesses”

4chan: Edgy Internet Site or Fantastic Collective Intelligence Network?

Casual internet goers may or may not be familiar with the site called 4Chan, the sites official description states that “4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously.” Sounds great right?

Well, 4chan has developed quite a bad reputation compared to some of  it’s counterparts in recent years, but why is that you may ask? a conversation between a reddit user called pinguino42 and an unknown original poster asking the same question gives a good understanding of the situation. Continue reading “4chan: Edgy Internet Site or Fantastic Collective Intelligence Network?”