MEDA101 – Moving Image Project: Where I’m From

Where I’m from was conveyed through a visual day in the life of me, and a voice overlay reciting my version of the poem in a conversational tone rather than just reading the piece out loud. The visual aspect of the project was POV footage aided by still camera shots in order to further portray the physical environment of each scene. In regards to the relationship between video and sound, in certain scenes the literal sounds from the environments were used to show what it sounds like to be in those specific environments, whilst in some other scenes, there is complete silence to allow the voice to take over and tell the story of where I’m from. The day in the life story line allows me to show what I do and who I am, and the voice over allows viewers to understand how that relates to where I’m from. Continue reading “MEDA101 – Moving Image Project: Where I’m From”

MEDA101 Sound Project: Where I’m From

I used ambient sound throughout my project, only stopping it abruptly towards the end to show that sounds are always around us and sometimes we don’t notice them until they stop. I used voice to replicate the poem aspect of the project and I manipulated the left and right channels to make the voice go from left to right to move the story from past to present/future. The background sounds that were used were chosen based on what was being said by the voice, to show the literal representations of those words and the sounds they generate. Continue reading “MEDA101 Sound Project: Where I’m From”

MEDA101 – Remoscope Project: Where I’m From

In regards to my remoscope project, I composed my video firstly of literal representations of where I’m from by showing a view from my hometown of Orange, and then transitioning into showing my new home of Wollongong. I then proceeded to show a metaphorical view of where I’m from by revealing my various interests and personal attributes through my clips, such as a the outside view of the stadium, reflecting my love of sports but showing it was only from a spectator standpoint, and my final and longest clip showing the time that is most relaxing and means most to me. Continue reading “MEDA101 – Remoscope Project: Where I’m From”