Individual Game Ideas

Following last weeks group game presentation, it is now time to develop an individual game idea and run with it for the remainder of semester in preparation for the game dossier assignment in week 13. In the week 7 seminar, the class participated in an exercise facilitated by Richard Hall which allowed us to develop ideas for our individual game.

The exercise was to come up with ten game ideas in ten minutes and then present these ideas to the rest of the class. I successfully developed the ten ideas, however some ideas were given names and some only include a description of the game. The ten ideas I formulated for my individual game are:

  1. Papercraft – Create objects using paper, best one wins
  2. Trivia card game using niche interests – e.g. NBA Trivia
  3. Dragon Age – Role Playing board game using the dragon age universe
  4. Design best structure architecture drawing game
  5. AUX Battles – Best song played per round
  6. Dice Space Town – economic card game
  7. Military tactic co-op game
  8. Meme battle card game
  9. Build a barricade resource game
  10. Build best car game

I wanted to create a game based on personal interests, this would allow me to put in a strong effort to make a well thought out game based on something I enjoy, rather than trying to make something purely to achieve a certain grade. Due to this, the games in the top ten I would pursue making would likely be game two or three because I have a fond interest of those topics. The activity we undertook to come up with the ten ideas was effective because it gave us limited time to develop quick ideas, this then allowed for an easy decision making process about which games would be better to pursue and the reasons why.

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