Dice Island: Individual Contributions

Throughout weeks 3-6 of BCM300, I worked collaboratively with fellow class members on a group game prototype which was then presented to the rest of the class. Myself and fellow group members equally worked on our group game prototype ‘Dice Island’, however certain aspects were completed by specific members due to our varying expertise and skill sets.

Regarding my specific contribution to the group game project, I was more involved in the technical side of creating the prototype. During week 3, myself and my fellow group members played the board game ‘Machi Koro‘, which I have written about here. Playing this game as a group helped us develop our ideas for Dice Island, which began with creating the games narrative.

Our game Dice Island was heavily inspired from us playing Machi Koro

Our games narrative which is explained here, was mainly developed by my fellow 3 group members. I merely added further insight to their original ideas and collectively we were able to finalise our narrative. This was refined the following week when we then decided upon the various rules and mechanics that would also make up our game. The finalisation of rules and mechanics was done collaboratively.

When it came to creating the PowerPoint presentation that was to be shown to the rest of the class, the majority was worked on by me. I created original concept art that was to be displayed in the PowerPoint, as well as conducting the secondary research relating to board game manufacturing, related industry products and pricing. I also spoke during our presentation, as my group agreed that I had the best public speaking skills and therefore I could deliver the strongest presentation on Dice Island. You can find our PowerPoint presentation here.

dice island

Original Concept Art



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