Game Rules

Establishing a well thought out, sufficient set of game rules/instructions is important for all areas of game making. The rules allow new players to learn the game and returning players to be reminded (Moore, C and Hall, R 2018). That being said, it’s critical to ensure these rules are clear and concise so it’s easy for any new players to read through the rules and so any experienced players don’t need to hunt around for information (Rollins, B 2018).

However, both the above sources have also noted that it important to explain both the game concept and relevant themes in the game rules as well. This gives the opportunity to let players explore the story behind the game you have created and have a more enjoyable time. It is also relevant to have a list of game components and set up instructions so players have an easy time assembling a disassembling the game. These aspects of game rules are things I haven’t yet included for the final game dossier, this is something I am working towards as game iteration continues.


Example of the game description in the Machi Koro rule book

I have conducted further playtesting sessions and received more feedback for Hypebeast Fashion Match. The playtesters filled out feedback forms and points they made will allow me to create a better iteration of the game. The playetesters enjoyed the game and had fun playing it, they liked how quick and easy it was to set up the game and play a few rounds. They stated it was a great game to play if you were short on time. Suggestions included putting high definition pictures on the cards rather than drawings of the clothes in order to establish easier outfit flow for things like colour. They also heavily suggested the implementation of more cards which is something I will definitely add to the next update.

Feedback – Ray Nguyen
Feedback – Eric Bunquin
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