Project Beta Reviews: Future Cultures

As discussed in the first round of project reviews for BCM325 – Future Cultures, I have developed a consistent methodology for engaging with projects and providing feedback on their future development.

Beta 1: Eric Bunquin – The Future of Gaming


Eric’s digital artefact (DA) for BCM325 explores the future of gaming in the short, medium and long term future, covering specific areas such as eSports, the success of the video game industry, and the evolution of game media.

I began my feedback process by discussing Eric’s beta video and WordPress blog. As I specified in my pitch reviews, this isn’t a part of the subject criteria, but I like to reinforce the idea that our academic blogs are also portfolios and may be viewed by potential employers. As such, giving feedback that relates to professional presentation is something I continue to do across the other beta comments.

In the first round of comments, I mentioned that it occasionally became difficult to offer specific, content related recommendations and ideas for other digital artefacts, mainly because I had not researched their individual topic enough. I have rectified this issue, as shown by the gaming related sources I have provided for Eric, and the specific ideas I am contributing such as creating an episode about eSports. My contribution of sources was also limited in the first round of comments due to the lack of academic sources, this is another element that I have now rectified.

Beta 2: Tiana Paoletti – Conspiracy Podcast Series


Tiana’s DA is a podcast series about conspiracies that are then linked to the future through predictions and potential happenings.

Similar to Eric’s beta comment, I provided Tiana with feedback on her blog/beta video design to assist with future practice and professional presentation. I began my DA feedback with a conversation on the topic, as it becomes easier to provide feedback once I am fully engaged with the topic and its ideas. Again, I researched the topic in further detail and provided a wealth of sources relating to conspiracy theories and provided suggestions for future episodes. I also tapped into my previous experiences and recommended Reddit as a communication channel for future ideas/audience engagement.

Beta 3: Nadia Conti – The Future of Space Travel


Nadia’s DA is looking at the future of space travel. She has created a website for the project with Wix and is writing posts on news, opinions and theories related to the topic.

Again, I provided an academic source and other recommendations to assist with the project direction. I also drew on my expertise to provide relevant information for Nadia’s website design.

Giving feedback on these digital artefacts has also assisted me with my own project. As a central element of my project is helping to run the day-to-day operations of the UOW Digital Media Society, an aspect of this is assisting BCM students. The beta comments I have made in this cycle reaffirm my persona as an expert in assisting fellow students with anything related to BCM and university.

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