BCM302 Digital Artefact Pitch – MastroGaming

The digital artefact that I will be completing for BCM302 – Advanced Digital Media Project is MastroGaming, which is my online persona centered around gaming content on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and Reddit.


The content I will developing mainly focuses on FIFA, as this is the game I play the most and to a high standard. The aim of my content is to develop MastroGaming into an ‘expert’ persona in the FIFA community, and any other gaming communities I penetrate. I will develop my expert persona by creating content that is similar to the existing ‘experts’ in the FIFA community. These experts are either professional eSports players or popular content creators (linked below in ‘Utility’ for specific examples).


  • Recording my gameplay using an Elgato HD60 (PS4) and OBS (PC)
  • Streaming my gameplay using Streamlabs OBS
  • Editing my gameplay footage into videos using Sony Vegas
  • Uploading videos to YouTube
  • Creating visual content for Twitter and Instagram using Photoshop
  • Re-purposing content as needed e.g. Twitch streams for YouTube, video transcripts for Reddit posts.

The initial content that I am creating will focus on building my audience in preparation for the release of FIFA 20 in September. Once the game is released, I will start to release my video content with a focus on providing expert opinions for the new game.


The social utility for my project is providing entertaining and helpful content for gaming communities on social media.

Having already created content for MastroGaming, feedback I’ve received in the form of likes and other engagements are showing me that giving expert opinions on Twitter work well (similar to NepentheZ and Kurt0411), while visual content that is focused on news and tips do well on Instagram (similar to jake.trading and eoinfut).

I am also replicating these experts by not including anything related to FIFA in my name, to not limit myself to just FIFA content. Streaming live on Twitch will be used to support my branding through casual play. Similar to FIFA experts such as Nick28T, I will actively play other games on Twitch to show a more personal side to MastroGaming.

The link to my pitch slides can be found here.


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